Sep 08


X-PELLETS @DF offer an easy, ready to use, solution to makers who want to extrude a wide variety of materials and colours with many different properties into their own supply of filament. The small particle size and homogeneity of the granules ensure a smooth and stable extrusion process for your filament. X-PELLETS @df  are made from exactly the same compound as our high quality filaments to guarantee excellent 3d printing performance of your own made filament.

X-PELLETS @DF features:

  • A wide variety of materials and colours
  • Small and homogeneous granules
  • Pre-coloured and compounded top formulas
  • Easy and ready to use
X-PLA @dfYes25
X-ABS @dfYes25
X-HIPS @dfYes5
X-M-ABS @dfYes11
X-PET-G @dfYes8
X-CARBON-P @df*1
X-PC-ABS @dfYes2
X-PC @df*1
X-WOOD @dfYes3
X-FLEX 45 @dfYes5
X-FLEX 65 @dfYes2
X-PA12 NYLON @df*3
X-PVA @df*1
X-TPLA @dfYes1

Materials, availability, colours and technical data: 

X-PELLETS @df can be supplied for the complete Dutch Filaments range of materials. Availability and lead time is depending on material, colour and quantity. For detailed technical data of the filaments to be made with X-PELLETS have a look at the cross references in our filament range.


X-PELLETS @df are available in buckets, bags, boxes or small containers with various options for labelling. Ask our team to help you customizing your product.


Cool and dry (15-25˚C) and away from UV light. This enhances the shelf life significantly.

Additional info:

X-PELLETS @df marked with a * may give over average difficulties to make a filament. For these materials we do advise to test the functionality in cooperation with our team.