Product development

Besides its standard program, Dutch Filaments develops, manufactures and sells special polymer filaments, also on customer request.

What makes the filament ‘special’ can vary as follows:

Example colour effect

Colour and colour effects:
Besides our standard colours we offer special colours and colour effects starting from 40kg ± 10%.
The price conditions do depend on the details of your request.

Don’t forget to have a look at our Colour overview @df document first which shows all colours available from stock.

Narrow tolerances & high roundness

Size & Diameter:
Our standard sizes are 1,75mm (± 0,05mm) and 2,85mm (± 0.1mm), both with a guaranteed roundness of  >95%.
On request the size can be adjusted.

The diameter is measured accurately during online production and continuously corrected, in order to be able to guarantee the exact roundness and thickness.

Development & modification

Modification of the raw material of the filament:
By means of additives or special treatment, specific requirements of the polymer can be adjusted.

The printing temperature, melting behaviour, flame retardancy, electrical or thermal conductivity, hardness and elasticity are examples of these variable parameters..

Analysis in lab

New raw material for filaments:
At the request of our partners and on our own initiative we do analyze materials, technical data and even available product samples to reach our target to continuously develop new filaments for 3d printing.

Through this way Dutch Filaments helps to enlarge the area of applications for FDM technology.

For modifications and new products a fully equipped LAB is available in which we can analyze and measure, amongst others, the following properties:

•    Density determination: specific gravity/mass density,
•    Rheology: MFI/MFR,
•    Tensile: tensile strength/elongation at break/tensile modulus,
•    Impact strength and resistance: Izod and  Charpy method,
•    Vicat softening point and H(eat) D(eflection) T(emperature),
•    Thermal analysis such as: D(ifferential) S(canning) C(alorimetry), T(hermal) G(ravimetric) A(nalysis) = ash content, O(xidative) I(nduction) T(imes) and I.R. spectroscopy,
•    Moisture analysis in ppm,
•    UL94 and glow-wire flammability test,
•    Conductivity test, electrically and thermally,
•    Colour measurement by means of L.A.B. values, ​
•    UV and weather-Ometer tester,
•    Microscopy for digital visual rating.

Besides our stock filaments many other polymers can be used as a base for a NEW filament, such as:

We are pleased to work together with you on filaments that meets your requirements.

All RAL colours possible
In-house filament testing & development