About us

Dutch filaments started as the result of an alliance between a team of experts in private label manufacturing and one of the most innovative polymer processing plants in Europe. The first production and sales took place in January 2014.

Today Dutch Filaments is one of Europe’s largest polymer based filament manufacturers with a focus on high quality filaments and the development of new improved materials for 3D printing based on the FFF or FDM technology.

Our knowledge of plastics, additives, master batches, dyes and extrusion enables us to make a wide range of filaments in dozens of colours.
Please see our current Product overview (A-Z).

Another important strategic choice of Dutch Filaments is to only manufacture private label filaments and deliver them exclusively through distribution and to printer manufacturers. This way we believe to serve all possible industrial markets and home professional users printing 3D. In customizing we go further where others stop and this results in endless packaging options for our customers to choose from.

As of September 2015 we combined all our activities into one entity at one location. This step ensures the continuity of Dutch Filaments and will further improve and speed up the process of product development, quality enhancement, production and efficiency.

Last but not least this step makes us ready for further growth in this rapidly growing and changing market.


An important target of Dutch Filaments is to achieve a high quality-level at each stage in our organization. It may relate to the way of functioning of the organization, relationships with suppliers, customers, as well as the quality of our products. Concerning the products we give a lot of attention to diameter accuracy & roundness, consistency in materials and colours, storage and packaging.

All of our materials do meet the directives of REACH and RoHS.

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