Dutch filaments accommodates nearly 100 years of extrusion expertise, innovation in polymers, private label manufacturing and logistics as common ground for our high quality filaments and market approach.

The rapid development of the possibilities and applications in 3D printing using  the FFF or FDM technology
creates a constant demand for new and enhanced polymer based filaments.

We aim to develop, manufacture and market these filaments, offering you as our customer the possibility of distributing our filaments as your own brand.

Below you will find more information on 3 focus areas of Dutch Filaments which ultimately result in our
products and also tell you more about us.

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Highlighted print:

Left: ASA-X | Right: ABS-X | Printed on: Tripodmaker Black Time: 150+ hours | Detail: 0.2 layers

Private label

Dutch Filaments sells private label filaments through distribution and to printer manufacturers. The benefits to you from selling your own brand are numerous..

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Colour & Colour effects

Besides our standard colours we offer special colours and colour effects starting from 40kg ± 10%. The price conditions do depend on the details of your request.

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Filament Development

Besides its standard program, Dutch Filaments develops, manufactures and sells special polymer filaments, also on customer request.

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